Regenerative Farming to remove poison in your food and to improve livelihood of marginal farmers .

Biowise Horticultural Products is a LIVE FARM located at the northern edge of Bengaluru,
closer to Hoskote Town. If you are in Bengaluru, you can hop into any one of vehicles and
we are about 20 minutes away from Krishnarajapurm Market, near Indian Telephone

What Can you find there?

Biodegradable waste management

A micro portion of the city’s waste getting treated and converted into value added compost to rejuvenate the soil

Farm Fresh Produce

Freshly grown farm produce, vegetables, fruits, micro greens, edible herbs, medicinal plants and all of them grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides

A Nursery Set Up

A nursery for your home garden with condiments that can help to grow your own food at your own place

Homely Atmosphere to Relax

A rugged but homely atmosphere and emphasis on safe food that fits into nature sensitive values of preserving the soil, variety of gardens, environment and ecology

What do we offer

Perhaps you never realized this farm can regularly supply your weekly requirement of farm-fresh products.

We are only a few kilometers away from the city and a visit to the farm would stimulate natural pairing with the soil, plants, consciousness and a desire to discover, experiment and learn more 

    • Weekly sales of Fresh vegetable, fruits, greens, edible hers and farm eggs
    • Sale of Enriched compost for your garden
    • Saplings and nursery items for your balconies and lofts
    • One day Trainings in gardening and composting
    • Santhe’s, Exposure visits to citizens, students and Officials
    • Volunteering for farm works or propagating the ideas of safe food

We love to hear from you