Regenerative Farming to remove poison in your food and to improve livelihood of marginal farmers .​

Our Aim

The aim of Biowise Farm is to demonstrate an integrated facility that utilizes and treats City’s Biodegradable waste to create a closed-loop system of solid waste management. It does not end there; it takes the next logical step, to utilize treated resources in the waste to rejuvenate the soil and using natural nutrients and bio-control methods to produce safe farm food for consumption. We have named this process as regenerative farming.

The Vision and Mission we Carry


Biowise believes in the power of regenerative farming that has the potential to produce fresh chemical free farm products for domestic markets and ensure farmers get a fair price to make their business profitable while ecology and environment in which the production takes place, is protected.


Promote sustainable Regenerative Farming that benefits people, profits, and planet.

The Value proposition we offer



Biowise provides the farmers with all the requisite means and tools to produce uncontaminated chemical-free fresh farm products and to sell a greater proportion of their yield to a consistent, fair price to make their business profitable.


Biowise will meet consumer demand for quality fresh farm products to reach their family table at competitive prices prevalent in the market. Through regenerative farming processes, Biowise farm will ensure the nutrients from the waste stream is plowed back to the soil and ecology and environment in which farm production takes place is not harmed


Theory of Change

We as a company committed to promote and demonstrate regenerative farming practices to remove poison in our food while improving the livelihood of marginal farmers. As a company we believe we have been endowed with and has the capabilities and expertise to bring about this change in our business